1. Black on black…sometimes you have to let the colors that you wear speak for you. #otd #single #singletrilingualreadytomingle #hopelessromantic #betteroffonmyown

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    Don’t move, faggot! This load’s almost yours!

    Fuck yeh
    Pound that load deep in his guts

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  4. Putting the labor in Labor Day!!!  #work #werk #hustle #grind #apple (at Apple Store, South Coast Plaza)

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    "Since you scared to get fucked on the street, I’ll take your sissy ass back into these woods. Now you can scream all you want, bitch!"

    "Nooooo Daddy, please!!! No Daddy, pleeease…..please Daddy, fuck me!!! Fuck the shit outta me Daddy, I’m your bitch!"

    Be careful when walking alone at night,


    Welcome to TheSkottfriidom. http://skottfrii.tumblr.com/

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    He’s hungry…

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  8. This counts as a good bye for my bitches!!! Congrats to @thebeardedlegend and your trip to Cupertino!!! And @raseylacae, I am beyond ecstatic for you and your Spanish adventure. Suerte a los dos!!! (at Louie’s On Main)

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    Some fucking hot cum shots here …. Aiden gets fucked by Chandler and cums three times …. Aiden’s cum shots are always legendary but Chandler matches him here with a full body orgasm of his own …. so hot to see the effect on Chandler as Aiden sucks the remaining load out of Chandler’s cock …. hot stuff!

    These two make the perfect pair. The top must’ve hit the spot right and the bottom is famous with the intensity of his orgasm. And the top I personally think is famous with his urge to cum. That’s why I said they make perfect pair. The hottest part will be when the bottom cum second times, he said” my whole body is fucking twitching” then the top immediately rub his back and hands all over him to add the touching sensation upon bottom’s orgasm. Then he reached around and grab bottom’s dick and ask “got anymore left in you?” And bottom said “let’s see”. And the finale when the top cums. The urge he had to shoot that load out and notice his legs and body muscles are literally twitching you can even see in the video. And when the bottom last suck top’s cock, how the top twist his body as his sensitive cock being sucked and you can imagine his eyes roll back and the orgasmic feeling reached it’s peak. It’s so fucking hot. These two know seriously how to have sex. I want to have sex with this kind of people.

                 ——- I think I’m in love …..

    Gay sex…as it should be. Love the kiss at the end. Both feed off each other’s orgasmic rythm. Hot!

                ——- This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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    This Top truly knows what “balls deep” means…mmmm,


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